xradiantshadows asked:
One you get this you must post 5 facts about yourself and send this to your 10 favorite followers :)

5 facts
1. I have such an awful time at parking.
2. I have a weird love for office supplies/school supplies.
3. I have fear of lighting lighters. I can do it, it just freaks me out so bad haha.
4. I suffer from bad anxiety.
5. I LOVE the home and gardening channel.

lovexxqueenbitchxx asked:
I just wanted to say that you are stunning and one of my inspirations. I think I found a fake blog of yours btw.

Aww thank you. It honestly means so much to me when people say that I inspire them :)
What is the link?

Anonymous asked:
What's your twitter account ?


Anonymous asked:
How many followers do you have on tumblr and how many do you follow? :)

Over 900 and I follow almost 200. :)